Migraine Headaches: Quick Ways to Get Relief

Migraine Headaches: Quick Ways to Get Relief

My aunt had Migraine headaches. I remember her wrapping her head in cloth and closing the curtains so that sunlight wouldn’t seep in. She explained that the loud noise felt like someone was drilling inside her head. It lasted for hours and she by the end of it was tired to her bone. Migraine headaches are so severe they leave adults debilitated. But what is Migraine?

Understanding the Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are a symptom of a disorder related to the head. Migraine either can be a genetic disorder or due to environmental factors. It is a neurological disease that causes severe headaches, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. These episodes can last from 4 hours to days. These are so severe, a perusal of daily activities is difficult.

People who suffer from migraines, experience prodrome, and aura before migraine symptoms start showing up. Aura and prodrome are precursors experienced before a migraine headache starts. Postdrome is experienced after the headache phase is over. Migraine is also more likely to happen to women than to men.

Causes of Migraine Headaches

Migraine headache is a symptom of migraine. Therefore migraine can be accounted as the first causative. Besides that, not much is known. Even scientists are researching but haven’t reached a conclusion. Changes in blood flow used to be chalked up to as the cause of Migraines but recent studies have shown otherwise. Researchers are currently trying to connect serotonin and its role in migraines.

Quick ways to get relief from – Migraine Headaches

Migraine can be quite a bummer. Many remedies are suggested and different things seem to have been working for different people. Here is a list of some Remedies that we found that provide relief from the excruciating pain of migraine.

Dimming the lights and try to seclude yourself from noise –

Light and sound sensitivity are experienced by those suffering from Migraines. Therefore, cutting yourself off from these triggers could help cool down the pain.

Hot Fomentation –

This process involves lightly pressing hot pads onto your head which would provide relief to you. This process is ‘sikai’ in Hindi.

Pain-killer but in moderation –

Painkillers are a reliable enough remedy but they should be taken in moderation. Painkillers don’t always work though and therefore it would be recommendable to rely on other remedies that work for you.

Relaxing your body and massaging your scalp –

Getting a massage with oil works wonders. This is one of the traditional remedies. It relaxes your brain and warms it up too. Stress often causes migraine headaches therefore relaxing would help relieve the pain.

Hydration or Caffeinating –

Dehydration can cause migraine headaches. Keep yourself hydrated and you will experience fewer headaches. Caffeine is an unusual remedy. Caffeine can sometimes be the trigger that causes migraine headaches and sometimes help relieve it. Therefore maybe give it a try too.

Sleeping –

Lack of sleep can cause migration headaches. Sleeping on time would help reduce instances of migraine headaches and keep you healthy. Sleeping when experiencing a headache could be a possible solution to migraines.

Deep Breathing And Meditation –

Take deep breaths and listen to your surroundings. You will feel the pulsing and this quietness could often result in headaches subsiding.

Eating Healthy –

This is a slower relief proving remedy but a vital one. Eating healthy will go a long way in helping you reduce headache instances.

Conclusion – Migraine Headaches

Migraine, though a common disorder doesn’t have many reliable remedies. It can cause hindrances in a person’s life and be painful. Though, if the pain doesn’t go for days it would be recommendable to consult a doctor. Undiagnosed cases can be troublesome for the patients as they do not understand it immediately. These remedies mentioned are the most commonly aiding ones and would hopefully relieve you or someone you know of pain.

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