Risks of Physical Inactivity

Risks of Physical Inactivity: What to Do?

We usually get to hear several phrases like being a couch potato, having a sedentary lifestyle, not exercising, and many more like these in general daily life. All these mean nothing but having a very inactive lifestyle. Risks of Physical Inactivity – An inactive lifestyle includes sitting all day long doing little or little work and exercise. This is the marker state of our lifestyle being affected and soon adverse effects on our health too. 

Current Lifestyle –

In the United States and their influential places, most people spend their long days sitting in cars and before the electronic screens which have made the lives of the people sedentary. Even during their leisure time as well people will not get up out of their comfort zone to contain their bodies and health. With time, lethargy will lead to numerous diseases among the people.

The Effects of Inactive Lifestyle on the Health

An inactive lifestyle has numerously adverse effects on the health of the mass sooner or late. These effects include – 

  • As we sit idle or do not involve our body in physical exercises the number of calories burn will be less in number. Soon the individual will gain weight leading to obesity and several attached diseases.
  • The lack of physical activity tends to decrease the strength of the muscles which is caused because the muscles and the bones are not used as frequently as much, they should be. The bones get weaker leading to a person being prone to frequent fractures and injuries.
  • Physical inactivity causes the metabolism to affect as the process of breakdown of fats in the body becomes slow.
  • One of the major impacts to see is on the immune system of the person as well the blood circulation. All these are leading causes of various other health problems like increased blood sugar levels, heart attacks, and many more.
  • Physical inactivity may cause hormonal imbalance in the body of the person which causes various abnormal activities in the body.
  • Our body gets prone to several diseases like increased cholesterol levels, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased levels of depression and anxiety.
  • There are so many risks in a sedentary lifestyle of a person and this can cause premature deaths as well. The number of risks grows as life grows more sedentary.

Major Risks of Physical Inactivity –

  • Chubbiness
  • Heart diseases / Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Cancers
  • Osteoporosis and falls
  • Increased feelings of depression
  • Anxiety

What to do to minimum the risks of Physical Inactivity?

Make Physical Activity a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

We all know and can feel the presence of a sedentary attitude in nature. Slowly and gradually movement of the body can be incorporated into our lives. A quickest and drastic change in the sudden activities of the body may lead to injuries or it may become overwhelming. Making physical activities a part of your habitual routine the following tips can be considered- 

  • The basic part is to work out with light exercises for about twenty to thirty minutes regularly.
  • A very good way of initiating body, movements can be to take part in household activities which will be a help to your mom as well as beneficial for your body.
  • You can initiate small walks after food in the night or evenings. This will help to increase the metabolism activity in the body of the individual.
  • Try to equip your living place with some equipment and make physical activities a fun part among you and your family.

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