Women's Fitness Brands in India

Women’s Fitness Brands in India List 2022 Updated


In fashion, athleisure fashions are giving us a run for our money (pun intended) since activewear has matured from fashion faux-pas into a fashionable staple. In recent years, it has been worn everywhere from the streets to the runways, fitness sessions to happy hours. As a result, many brands now offer workout clothes to fit a multi-faceted luxury lifestyle. There are countless athleisure clothing brands to choose from in the ever-growing market, making it hard to identify those that are worth your money. Right now, these are the most popular Women’s Fitness Brands in India:

Most popular Women’s Fitness brands:

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga sportswear offers an elevated take on athleisure with unexpected details like rips, cutoutscutouts, lacing, and mesh detailing. A celebrity favourite, Alo Yoga, is popular with Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner. These high-tech, innovative fabrics ensure that their leggings, tanks, sports bras, and other activewear staples fit you perfectly.

Women’s Fitness brands – Alala

Alala is a stylish brand of luxury athleisure that takes its inspiration from the streets of New York City. Alala collections have long-range based on fabrics with high-fashion details, from mesh backs to cut out tops. It can be worn anywhere from a dining room to a party or even to the office. The design is effortlessly modern and cool. With cute gym clothes, you can elevate your yoga outfits to a whole new level.


Nike’s quality shorts, t-shirts, shoes, and socks are both fashionable and functional. As well as they are one of the most successful and recognized sportswear companies in the world. It is also one of the best brands to buy gym gear at home that is high-quality. Throughout the years, Nike has become synonymous with innovative sportswear and reissuing its classic sports shoes that have earned it a cult following. In addition to Nike’s mainline offering, the iconic brand’s New South Wales Collection is the pinnacle of Nike’s performance apparel, which works well for everyday wear.

Best Women’s Fitness brands – Outdoor Voices

The mission of Outdoor Voices is to make the world a better place to live. To them, fitness is about fun and the generation of endorphins to free fitness from performance. There is nothing better than having fun while doing what you love doing. The reason for that is that they create high-quality products for recreation that generate a feeling of strength and confidence in you.

Popular Women’s Fitness brands – Summersalt

Originally established as a stylish swimwear brand, Summersalt is known for its elegant activewear and loungewear items. In terms of their activewear line, the clothes are comfortable and straightforward. However, they have designed it with Je-ne-said-quoi that differentiates it from many others in the market. It can be excellent at the thing for us to see.

ASOS Activewear

Trying to find a fitness wardrobe that combines Swedish design with the clean lines of a fitness class? ASOS has an extensive collection of stylish clothing that will keep you comfortable during your workouts or leisure time, whether you are into HIIT classes and home workouts or you just like the athleisure aesthetic. As well as a line for curvy or oversized women, they also have a full range of products. One can explore the latest activewear collection from ASOS on its official website.


The chic activewear trend is gaining traction. Athletic wear and versatile leisurewear combine to offer the best of both worlds: comfort and style. As a result, athleisure is one of the world’s hottest trends in fashion. Rather than simply being a type of technical clothing, athleisure is a way to express one’s lifestyle.

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