online doctor consultation app in india

Best Online Doctor Consultation App in India

Physicians play an essential role in managing the current COVID-19 pandemic. Consultations with doctors have become more complex as a result of Coronavirus. Best online doctor consultation app in India – Thanks to Healthcare startups, the gap between the hospital, doctors, and patients is shrinking. Health care has significantly benefited from the intelligent rise in technology. The same is true if you can’t get up from bed. It is easy and convenient to consult a doctor online with some of the best online doctor consultation apps.

Apps like these make it easy for doctors to communicate with their patients.

Lybrate ( – Online doctor consultation app

Founded by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang in 2013, Lybrate not only allows patients to communicate with doctors on video calls but also helps in scheduling an appointment with them. Additionally, with the startup’s help, patients can search for doctors nearby and instantly connect with them. Among the 1,550,000 professionals on Lybrate, you may find helpful.

Founder Ratan Tata has a great experience of starting & expanding small businesses. Lab testing can be done online at Lybrate lab+, with results shared online after collecting the patient’s sample.

Docttocare (

A new service provider of online medical consultations called Doctocare at NASSCOM in Bangalore in 2018 by Sugandha. The website Doctocare provides access to doctors and hospitals located in major cities for users from non-metropolitan areas.

Additionally, with the Docttocare app, the user can locate a doctor/hospital that suits their needs and schedule an appointment on the desired day. With this app, users can book an ambulance within seconds, find out how many bold groups are available at the hospital, compare health records, and share them with their physicians.

MUrgency (

Emergency responders can not only get connected with well-known qualified medical, safety, rescue but also can easily get the assistance of professionals in Mumbai through this app. From the list of best online doctor consultation apps, MURgency is one of the best. Using the mobile app, users can call for medical assistance and emergency medical response instantly.

Over 3,00,000 emergency calls have been handled by the app, helping patients in a time of need. It provides emergency healthcare services in Mumbai, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Kerala, using a chain of 1298 ambulances.

Doctalk (

Akshat Goenka and Vamsee Chamakura are the founders of the Mumbai-based healthcare software application Doctalk. By enabling physicians and patients to communicate over the app, Doctalk provides users with a platform to get solutions. Additionally, they can safely store all their medical documents and files on the cloud, which they can access from any device. Best online doctor consultation app in India.

Now, Consultations with doctors are made much easier with Doctalk. Rather than connecting patients with new doctors, this application streamlines the process after consultation – patients can subscribe to a doctor and then easily share past prescriptions and files with that doctor to quickly access the information. As well as uploading and sharing their reports, doctors can also do so. Mumbai and Hyderabad offer doctors from a variety of specialties through DocTalk.

EURO Health

EURO Health was founded in 2013 in Kolkata by Sudip and Chandrima Mukherjee. “Everything U Require is what EURO stands for. Additionally, with EURO Health, people can search, identify, book, and buy all healthcare services on a single platform. With a click or just by calling, people can locate, text, and buy their essential health care services. EURO Health offers various healthcare services, such as diagnostics, doctor’s appointments, hospital admission, pathology, instant doctor’s consultations, preventive health care, rehabilitation, and second opinions.

Conclusion – Best online doctor consultation app in India

There are two ways to make Online consultation: synchronously, where both parties, using video technology such as Skype, hear each other at the same time, as well as asynchronously, where one side fills out an online form that the additional checks at a later date. So if you want the best doctor consultation right from your home, use the best online doctor consultation app in India. 

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