Black Fungus Infection

Black Fungus Infection: Symptoms and causes

Mucormycosis or we can say the black fungus infection is a very serious fungal disease but is rare at the same time. It is usually caused by a group of molds called micromycetes. These molds are present everywhere around you and in your surroundings.

These molds do not affect everyone but only affects the people whose immunity power is low and is suffering from health problems and taking medicines which in turn lowers the capacity of the body to fight against foreign harmful substances. After you inhale fungal spores from the air around you, this fungus affects the lungs or the sinuses.

It can also affect the skin if you have a cut or a burn or any other type of skin injury which takes time to heal and cannot stop the fungus from affecting your body. It is a type of fungal infection which was previously known as zygomycosis. If this fungal infection is not treated at the earliest, it can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal.  

Let’s find out the Symptoms of Black Fungus Infection

Black Fungus Infection can either be a disease which affects the lungs that is the respiratory organ or it comes from skin infections. The symptoms of a sinus or a lung infection may include:

  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sinus pain
  • Nasal congestion

From the skin, Black Fungus Infection can develop on any part of your body. Firstly, it will appear on the surface of the skin and then it can be seen spreading to other areas. The symptoms you should look for to find out if it is a Black Fungus Infection are the following:

  • Blisters
  • Fever
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Blackened skin tissue
  • Ulcers

What are the causes of Black Fungus Infection?

Mucormycosis is caused when your body is weak and is unable to fight back fungal infections and when your body is exposed to mucormycetes molds, which can be present in any surroundings. These fungi can be found in the following places:

  • Piles of compost
  • Leaves
  • Rotting wood
  • Soil

Mucormycosis can also be contracted by only breathing in unhealthy environments. If you breathe n affected mold spores in the air in can contract in your body. This is known as sinus or pulmonary exposure. Through this the fungal infection can develop in your face, eyes, lungs, sinuses or even your central nervous system. In cases where you have a cut, burn or wound on your body, the fungi might enters your body through the wound and end up becoming the area of infection. It must be treated at the earliest possible. Burns, cancer, cuts, scrapes, organ transplant, diabetes or surgeries increases the risk of you getting affected.

When is it likely to be affected by Black Fungus Infection

Diseases which decreases our immunity and gets easily affected by black fungus infection are very :

  • Diabetes, High blood sugars with an acidic climate as found in diabetic ketoacidosis are the correct formula for the quick development of these organic entities. Diabetes is additionally connected with decreased safe reaction.
  • Steroids medicine builds glucose levels and diminishes the invulnerable reaction of the body.
  • Blood malignancies, which again brings about the damaged insusceptible framework
  • Patients on immunosuppressants as seen with organ beneficiaries and haematologic undifferentiated cell beneficiaries.
  • Patients with an abundance of iron or taking deferoxamine which are explicitly utilized in iron excess.Trauma, consumes, and malnourished individuals.

We should be very careful while we are affected by these diseases, we should stay in a clean environment in the presence of the sun where the fungus will not be able to affect us.

Let’s Sum Up

These days Covid-19 patients are being affected by black fungus infection or Mucormycosis. It is seen that the patients are getting infected during their stay in the hospital or after days of their return. The dangerous manifestation is Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis (ROCM). These organisms are found in plants, soil, decaying organic matter, damp places, air, water and may also be found in humans and animals. This fungus is affecting the people who have reduced immunity power to defend the body from infections. Thus, it is very important to stay in a healthy environment, live a healthy life by eating properly. 

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