COVID-19 second Wave

COVID-19 Second Wave: New Symptoms of Infection

A new wave named COVID-19 second Wave is now in the air. still, India is not able to cope up with the situation.

There’s been a rise in cases of COVID-19 among the Indian population. India recorded the first cases of COVID in March 2020, and more than 3000 patients were reported in India by September. As of January 2021, only a handful of cases have been reported in India, and the virus is declining.

By January 15, 2021, the percentage of new COVID cases has shrunk in India. And an estimated 18,000 patients had died by then, and more than 20,000 people were successfully treated. Several companies and medical agencies have now begun to manufacture the correct medicine for this deadly disease.

However, some patients have been reported with new symptoms, which symptoms did not see before. The new symptoms include ‘Bruising beneath the skin,’ ‘High rate of bleeding,’ and a high fever. The exact reason for these new symptoms is unknown, but researchers are looking into it.

Most patients have died due to the lack of medicine, and it is still unknown if they will produce new drugs to treat the disease.

The virus of COVID-19 second wave is more powerful than the first. The sudden rise of the number of cases shocked the scientific community as not even a year after the first wave. “The occurrence of the first wave was confirmed in March 2020, and 3000 cases were accounted for by September. By January 2021, only a mere handful of cases have been documented, and the virus has declined.”

What are the causes of COVID-19 second wave:

Scientists in India are still trying to figure out the reason behind the cases of COVID-19  second wave. It is believed that a mutation in the virus caused the first wave of COVID-19. This new virus has been through several transformations as cases continue to be reported all over India. It is also believed that the virus may be airborne and can spread with just a single cough or a sneeze.

Researchers in India have been working hard to figure out the causes behind this virus. So far, they haven’t found anything that could stop the virus, but they haven’t found any evidence that it exists. They still believe that the virus has mutated. However, this is a huge leap from previous results. In April, scientists reported a mutation of another Coronavirus that caused the second wave, but this mutation hasn’t been confirmed.

Symptoms of COVID-19 second Wave:

COVID-19 second wave cases are usually reported in people over the age of 45 years. About 75 percent of the new cases were reported in men and people over 45 years old, while the rest are women. Though most men and women say similar symptoms, they are not certain if it is the same virus in all cases.

According to most patients of the second wave, they have experienced extreme tiredness and have achy joints. They also have complained of having difficulty breathing and have not been able to maintain their stamina. Some patients report experiencing other symptoms such as fever, vomiting and bleeding.

It is unknown if these symptoms are due to the coronavirus or a different virus or bacteria, as doctors are still trying to identify it.

Other common symptoms of COVID-19 second Wave include:

1. Coughing, a sore throat and the flu.

2. Shortness of breath.

3. Poor appetite or nausea.

4. Bad taste in the mouth.

5. Dizziness, weakness or tiredness.

6. Loss of appetite and nausea for more than a week.

What is the treatment of COVID-19 second Wave:

The treatment for the COVID-19 second wave is similar to the first one. There’s no cure for this virus, and treatment is mostly supportive. Some researchers have been able to find some promising new drugs that can start to treat the infection.

Scientists are still trying to find a way to cure COVID-19 because there are many known unknowns.

Research in India has been pointed on searching for a cure. A team of Indian researchers has been working hard to find a cure for this virus, but they have not found any evidence that it exists.


The Covid-19 second wave has been confirmed in India. This virus has spread to more countries due to mutations. A study about the possible causes of COVID-19’s second wave is underway, but they haven’t found anything that could stop it yet. Research is still underway to figure out the cause of the virus and how it spreads.

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