Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan special

Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan Special: Rakhi 2021

Here we are with the list of Best Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan!!! There are times when we cannot tolerate our siblings but on the major end, all we know is that they are the last slice of cake that can never be missed. There are supportive incidences of each other be it for being there for a bully beating at school by a brother or saving the sister from the scolding of breaking the cutlery at home. All these sweet-sour moments tie them both in a beautiful bond. With all these precious moments, Rakhi’s, and sweets the festival to celebrate their bond has arrived and taken place into the markets giving a festive vibe. 

This beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan is to celebrate the love and bond between the brothers and the sisters. From applying tilak to tying lovely Rakhi’s and feeding the brothers with the sumptuous sweets this festival brings a wave of joy among them both. The brothers vow to safeguard their sisters and these young ladies get a shower of gifts. But can you imagine any Indian festival without food? Straightway no. No festival is complete without food and similarly, the festival of Raksha Bandhan brings along with it a pack of decadent sweets, snacks, and various tempting foodstuff enough to tantalize the taste buds. 

Healthy Foods For Raksha Bandhan to Make the Festival Special

Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan : Multigrain Sev Puri

This is an effective type of snack if you have siblings who love to gorge on street food. This Mumbai’s Sev puri can be given a healthy twist by using the multigrain Sev puri flavour with the tangy avocado mix, with potatoes and bean sprouts topping along with the tantalizing chutney of tamarind and dry cranberries.

Baked Almond KoftaBest Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan :

This kofta recipe is perfectly suitable for a brother or a sister who is health-conscious. This dish is full of almonds, nutmeg, milk, potatoes, along with the flavor of spices. This dish is super easy to make at home with the help of only a few ingredients. 

Anjeer Kaju Roll

These Kaju rolls are incredibly delicious with all the things nutty in them, also a healthy option. It is a blue sweet with lots of nuts and cashews along with cardamom, sugar, saffron, honey. This is the perfect sweet recipe to serve at the festival.

Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan : Tandoori Gobi

Willing to have a different yet spicy starter. What can go rather than a spicy dish of tandoori Gobi? This dish is packed with a blend of various Indian spices like cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, chilies, Ajwain (Trachyspermum Ammi), methi (fenugreek) seeds and many more can never go wrong with the guests. This grilled fry gives a superficial taste to the tongue that nobody will want to miss.

Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan : Kimami Sewaiyan

This quintessential dessert is a perfect and unique choice to prepare this Raksha Bandhan. The simple sewaiyan can be a royal taste with the blend of almonds, lotus seeds, cashews, raisins, with a mix of roasted sewaiyan added to makhana and milk. The dish of kimami sewaiyan is enough to rule out the dining table in the list of desserts. 

Healthy Food for Raksha Bandhan : Handi Paneer –

The mouth gets automatically watery when we hear the name of paneer and here is the whole spicy dish of paneer. The dish has panner cubes added to the spicy curry containing tomato puree and curd to make it sumptuous and aromatic enough to lure anybody directly towards the dining area.

Conclusion –

The above healthy food is surely enough for making the festival of Raksha Bandhan special. With lots of stuff on the table who can resist without tasting them. All these mouth-watering dishes are very easy to prepare at home giving special treatment to your sibling and thus a delightful celebration.

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