control my high blood pressure

How do I control my high blood pressure?

Control my high blood pressure? – Blood pressure is the blood force that is against the artery walls. At heartbeat time, the blood will get pumped into the arteries. The blood pressure will become high when the heart is pumping the blood. And this is called systolic pressure.

Blood pressure controlling ways: high blood pressure

When your blood pressure increases, you must follow some ways to get back to the normal position. An increase in blood pressure is not a good thing in life. It will lead you to suffer from many issues related to health or cause tensions in life. So you must look at the following things to avoid blood pressure.

1. Exercise:

Exercise is a good part that you can do every day. You must spare some time for your exercise so that your body will remain active throughout the day. Try to spend 30 minutes on the exercise. It helps reduce blood pressure from 5-8 mm Hg. You must exercise regularly because your blood pressure will increase again if you skip a single day.

Exercise will also help you avoid Hypertension, so if you are suffering from such a disease, you must do exercise regularly so your blood pressure will come down again to the normal level.

You can try walking, swimming, dancing, jogging, and cycling to avoid high blood pressure levels. Also, you can do some strength exercise at least twice a week so that your blood pressure will remain constant at a normal level. You can also consult with our doctor for the proper exercise chart.

2. Healthy food:

It is a good thing if you eat some healthy food in your daily routine. Try to avoid fast food and adapt to green vegetables, cereals, fruits, and other low-cholesterol items. And this is called  Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. You can not adapt to all things at once, but you must try to accept them in your daily life. Here we provide some things that will help you remember all the things.

You can maintain a diary in which all the food items are written according to the day and time. Try some of the items related to potassium because potassium will give you many positive results. The main source of potassium is vegetables and fruits. For it, you can consult with the doctor so that you will not have any difficulty maintaining the chart.

3. Alcohol:

Try to avoid drinking because if you drink high amounts of alcohol, it will lower your blood pressure by 4 mm Hg. And if you drink a large amount of alcohol, it will increase the amount of your blood pressure. So be concerned about the amount of alcohol that you will take.

4. Do not take too much stress: high blood pressure

Keep yourself away from the things that will stress you. Make your daily routine and try to follow it, so that in the future you will be able to enjoy it. Keep yourself in an open environment that will keep you happy.

5. Checking of BP:

After every short period, you must check your blood pressure to remain in touch with it. If you are suffering from a high blood pressure level, you must consult the doctor immediately.

Conclusion: control my high blood pressure

You can see that blood pressure is a very serious thing that will lead you to an abnormal life. When your blood pressure is at a high rate, you must consult your doctor on time. The doctor will check the level of your blood pressure and will prescribe you the proper medicine. And you have to take the medicines on time.

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