How to Test Sugar Levels at Home: Blood Sugar

How to Test Sugar Levels at Home: Blood Sugar

When it comes to health, sugar has a mix of bitter as well as sweet reputation. All the products that contain the carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits, grains, or dairy products are found to have natural sugar. Test Sugar Levels at Home – However, the consumption of natural sugar is not harmful. As we know the process of digestion takes time so for the time being the sugar present in the food items ensures a steady supply of energy in the body. 

What is the sugar problem?

Sugar or we can say diabetes is a very serious medical condition that one should be worried about. Although it is recommended to visit a doctor for a wellness exam yet the symptoms can be carefully analyzed to identify the disease. You can practice self-diagnostic at home by using the A1C test for checking the blood sugar levels at home. 

How to Test Sugar Levels at Home

Purchase a glucose testing kit

It is easy to find these kits at pharmacies or nearby stores. Test Sugar Levels at Home – Make sure that the kit has some matching testing strips or purchase some for testing. Apart from that make sure that the kit has needle tips and the batteries required.

Wash Your Hands with Warm Water and Soap –

There will be the need to prick your skin so make sure that you do not introduce bacteria inside your body. Wash your hands properly for around twenty seconds and then wipe them with a clean towel. If you can’t wash your hands then use a hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes to make your hands clean.

Insert Testing Strips Into the Glucose Monitor

There should be a proper indication in the glucose monitor regarding where the strips are going. For somebody who is not aware of the procedure can read instructions beforehand. Many of the glucose monitors of the older times may require that the person put in a drop of blood on the strip before pushing in the machine. After inserting the batteries followed by the testing strips the monitor will turn on.

Lance Your Finger to draw up a Drop of Blood

Load the spring by pulling the top of the lancet. Place the device of lancing flat near the finger and press the button to let the spring go. Your finger will be pricked and the blood will be there.

Place the Drop of Blood on the Testing Strip

The pricking of the needle in the hand should be hard enough so that blood comes out. Touch the blood on the testing strip and hold the finger there. In case there is not enough blood then squeeze your finger a little to push in some blood. 

Wait For The Result – Test Sugar Levels

You have to place your finger there in the same position until the monitor gives you a reading. Test Sugar Levels at Home – It only takes a couple of minutes for the monitor to pop up the reading. In case it is taking long then you must have done something wrong in the procedure. 

Quick Remedies at Home – Test Sugar Levels

Mango Leaf –

Mango leaf is one of the best remedies for the treatment of blood sugar, however, it may be hard to find in nearby areas. The anthocyanidins found in the mango leaf can help keep blood sugar levels and insulin low. All you need to do is to soak them overnight in water. The next morning strains the water from the leaves and then drinks the water on an empty stomach.

Blueberries –

Consumption of blueberries improves the insulin level by about 22.22% according to studies and research. The blueberry smoothie recipe can be added to the salad or simply gulp down a handful of blueberries a day couple of times as a healthy snack.


This potent herb has gained popularity as for the nutritional circle. It improves the glucose tolerance level in the body and slows the process of absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. This has to be taken in the same way as the mango leaves are consumed.

Conclusion – Test Sugar Levels at Home

We all know that ‘prevention is always better than cure’. It is good if certain steps are taken before the sugar levels go high. The above guide related to the testing as well as the home remedies will be quite helpful for those having sugar levels at the cross point. 

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