Reading Glasses signs

Signs you need reading glasses – How do I know it?

Blur vision or difficulty while seeing are the basic signs that you need reading glasses. Generally, it has been seen that people suffer from presbyopia around the age of 40 years. Yet it varies from person to person. Before going further. Let’s understand what presbyopia is.

Presbyopia is a condition that results in the loss of the ability to focus on nearby objects. It usually occurs naturally and thus demands contact lenses to see the objects. Doctors suggest using reading glasses or bifocals to get rid of this problem. But if you are confused that whether you need reading glasses or not, here are some reading glasses signs you need to focus on:

Squinting more than required

If you are trying to focus on objects more than often. It is the sign that you must consult a doctor. It generally happens when a person is unable to see the objects clearly. He/she squint and tries to make his/ her vision clearer. Although squinting helps the person to make his vision better, it is not a permanent solution. It is temporary and can result in much pressure on the eye. 

Moreover, it puts excessive stress on your eyes resulting in various other eye problems. So, if you are focusing on your laptop, computer, tablets, tv, mobile phones, or book to read what is written, it is high time to get a reading glass. 

Holding the book in your hand

A person who holds a book in different angles as compared to others may need a reading glass. A person who suffers from presbyopia automatically creates more distance between his eyes and the object. The normal distance comprises 12 inches, but presbyopia extends the distance up to an arm’s length. So, if you are holding your book at a minimum of 14 inches from your face, you must consult a doctor for reading glasses. 

Headache – Reading Glasses signs

Are you suffering from continued headaches? Well, if yes, it is also one of the signs of eye problems. One of the most common causes of headache is a vision change. If you are experiencing headaches frequently and you are involved in excessive use of gadgets like television, mobile phones, laptops, or tablets, it might have weakened the ability of your eye to focus on objects. Lots of strain on the eyes directly impacts the vision and as a result, a person might suffer from regular headaches. 

Blurred vision – Reading Glasses signs

As the ability of the eye changes, the lens starts losing elasticity. This makes a person not focus more on an object as efficiently as it can. It also affects the ability of the eye to change at the same rate and thus person experiences the problem of blurred or double vision. This problem can be resolved by taking the help of reading glasses to restore the capability of the eye. 

Always turning lights on

If you are always turning lights on while entering a dark room or room with little light, it might be a sign of presbyopia. This is because a person with presbyopia needs brighter light than usual. If you feel like turning on multiple lights into the room to get adequate light, it may be the right time to visit your doctor and asking for a reading glass. 


Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon and thus there are no ways to prevent it. But besides this, here are some basic changes that you can make in your habit to protect your eyes from losing ability. It includes watching TV or using laptops and mobile phones from a certain distance. Very little distance between these gadgets and your eye can directly impact your vision. 

Furthermore, if you are already facing such a problem. Take an appointment with an eye doctor and take a vision evaluation. Early diagnosis can help you to eliminate other eye problems.

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