Thyroid Disease Causes and Symptoms

Thyroid Disease Causes and Symptoms

Thyroid disease is a condition that can affect the thyroid gland or the butterfly gland in the neck. Metabolic processes can get regulated through the thyroid, and this disorder can affect its main function and structure. Generally, the thyroid gland is located in the Adam’s Apple in the windpipe wrapping. There is a thin type of tissue present in the gland area known as the isthmus. This tissue joins the two thyroid lobes.

The work of the thyroid is to use the iodine that further processes vital hormones. The primary hormone produced by the thyroid is T4. And later, this T4 tissue gets converted into T3, which is the very active hormone in the body. Here you will see some of the main causes and symptoms of thyroid. And in case you find such symptoms in you, you must consult your doctor.

Main symptoms of the thyroid Disease:

Here we will see what the main symptoms of thyroid are? The main symptoms are thyroid gland, thyroid gland open pop-up dialog box. Mainly, the symptoms of the thyroid depend on the deficiency of hormones. In starting, the thyroid problems will increase slightly, but it expands to a greater area with the passing of years.

You must look at the symptoms of weight gain and fatigue. Some other symptoms are dry skin, constipation, puffy face, muscle weakness, blood elevation, cholesterol level, stiffness, thinning of hairs, depression, enlargement of the thyroid gland, etc.

Main causes of the thyroid:

The balance of the chemical reaction will get upset when hormones are insufficient. The main causes of thyroid disease are radiation therapy, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune, thyroid surgery, etc.

The main hormones in the thyroid gland are T4 and T3. The T3 hormone is known as triiodothyronine, and T4 is thyroxine. These hormones are the main hormones that can impact the health of your life. Such hormones can affect the rate of heart and body temperature of a person.

Hypothyroidism is a cause that developed when the thyroid gland does not produce sufficient hormones. The symptom related to hypothyroidism is Autoimmune disease.

It is the most common cause factor that causes hypothyroidism. It is a type of disease that can occur when the immune system starts producing antibodies that affect the tissues.


Radiation is used to treat cancer that can also affect the thyroid gland and lead to hypothyroidism.


Many medications can result in hypothyroidism. Among them, one main medication is lithium, which helps treat psychiatric disorders.

Surgery of thyroid:

The thyroid glands surgery will also affect the major portion of the thyroid gland. It helps in diminishing hormone production.

Risk factors of the thyroid:

Old age people, people who have taken radiation treatment, and pregnant women have the most risk factor for thyroid disease.

Additionally, if you are testing positive for the hormone disease, you must consult your doctor on time to get the timely treatment of it. Make sure that you are getting every treatment of it because once it gets spread in the whole body, you can not get rid of it easily.

Conclusion: Thyroid Disease causes and symptoms

Here, the thyroid is the main disease that can affect human life. In such a disease, the human weight will tend to increase. The hormones get imbalanced when you are suffering from a thyroid problem. Medications, radiation, and thyroid surgery are the other symptoms that can occur with hypothyroidism. At the time of suffering from thyroid, you must consult your doctor timely so that you can get its treatment on time.

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