Online Pharmacy in India

Top 5 Online Pharmacy in India List 2021 Updated

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Online Pharmacy in India – online pharmacies is a great option to buy your medicines. Instead of walking to your nearby medical store, you can easily buy medicine from online pharmacies by saving your time.  

Online medical stores provide you with home delivery at the comfort of your place. One can download their app to the devices, add products to the cart and proceed to checkout. Within minimum time one can get his medicines.   

Benefits of buying from online pharmacies:  

The customer benefits:  

  • Customers can get medicines while sitting on the couch.  
  • He can access a vast range of information on prescription drugs. 
  • The apps offer great discounts and other incentives.  

Benefits to pharmacies: Online Pharmacy in India

  • Pharmacies can increase their customer base.  
  • They can reach new geographical locations through their online trade.  
  • Refill orders from old customers.  
  • Stores can easily manage their inventory digitally and get the notification of expiry products.  

Top 5 Online Medicine Ordering Apps  

1. Smart Medics  

It helps in consulting with doctors from different branches. And one can easily order medicine across India by calling them or using their app or website by just uploading a picture of your medicine in the app. App also gives you a discount of 22% on all deliveries and healthcare products within 48 hours. This app consists of no delivery charges. You have to place a minimum order of RS. 100. Mode of payment as per your convivence.  

2. Brown Packet  

Give necessary details about your medicine by uploading the prescription, get your order placed. You can receive it within 48 hours. 

One can avail of a discount of 22%. The services are currently in Patna, Delhi, Bengaluru for the first time and regular customers.  

Brown packets are partner with local pharmacies.  

3. Myra Medicine  

It is a Bengaluru-based startup. Also works in some areas of Mumbai and Bangalore from 9 am to 10 pm.  

You have to create a list through the drop-down option before ordering medicines. Once you create a list, confirm it and get your order placed. You can choose any mode of payment consists of cash on delivery. 

One can get a minimum 35% discount.  

4. Hey Care  

Heycare is a leading healthcare app developed to provide complete healthcare and medical services to everyone. Heycare provides you with the best service along with a user-friendly interface.  

Its unique features include:  

  • Booking of a diagnostic lab  
  • Test online  
  • Set vaccination  
  • Upload prescription  

An amazing benefit of Hey Care is Care Wallet. It allows you to get a minimum discount of up to 30% on medicines.  

Delivery is available in more than 20 cities, with an exceptional 48 hours delivery in Delhi NCR. And it assures you a guaranteed delivery within 3-5 days.   

5. 1mg – Online Pharmacy in India

You can enter the names of medicines and access related information regarding your prescription drugs. You get to know about dosage, side effects, and other details through the app.  

The company takes care of the demands of customers by fulfilling their needs. You can place an order through this app in cities Chennai, Delhi, Agra, Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.   

Conclusion: Online Pharmacy in India

These some of the online apps are designed to make the customer comfortable. You can place your order by sitting on your sofa. There is no need for you to roam on the roads. Download the app and get your medicines. Just try to explore it and place your first order from the apps to get the minimum discount. 

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