Heart Valve Function

Can the Heart Valve Function well under all conditions?

We all know that the heart is a very crucial organ in the body. All around the heart is the place for proper flowing of the valves. Although, there are certain diseases associated with it. So, proper care must be taken to ensure the proper blood circulation in the heart for avoiding any kind of problems.

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Heart Valves and Its Types

Valves in a heart that ensure the flowing of blood just in a single direction of all chambers are referred to as heart valves. However, as per the division, four important heart valves are present in every human body. These valves are as follows:

  • Aortic valve
  • Mitral valve
  • Pulmonary valve
  • Tricuspid valve

Following that, each valve consists of flaps that bear leaflets as per the mitral as well as tricuspid valves. But, as per the aortic as well as pulmonary valves, it is referred to as cusps.

Diseases related to Heart Valve

Common in Americans is the heart valve disease that affects most people effectively. As per the reports, many kinds of heart valve disease can affect an individual. This kind of disease is as follows:

  • Valvular Insufficiency – Valvular insufficiency which is also called leaky valve doesn’t allow the valve for close properly. In case, there are some issues of the valve for which this doesn’t let it get sealed, then blood leakage will create a problem. However, to worsen this leakage, the heart has to take the effort of working aggressively. Ultimately the valve can get injured and thus lead to this disease. 
  • Valvular Stenosis – At times, when the valve in the heart can’t fully open up and the heart faces an issue to work smoothly causing a disease named valvular stenosis. Slowly and gradually as the problem worsens it can turn into heart disease. Stenosis can be experienced by all four valves. Likewise, the problem includes tricuspid stenosis, mitral stenosis as well as pulmonic stenosis.

Main Causes of Heart Valve Disease

In some cases, the possibility can be there of catching up with heart disease right from birth. Also, sometimes a person can be expected to have the valve disease with time. Many times, the main cause of heart valve disease remains untraceable and creates an added problem for the forbearer.

However, the main causes of heart valve disease can be summed up as follows-

  • A heart valve disease that comes in the child as soon as he is born is known as Congenital valve disease. In addition to that, many problems which are carried with it include the malfunctioning leaflets that aren’t in proper size as well as the peculiar attachment of the leaflets. Mostly, they are targeted towards the pulmonic valve and affect that fully.
  • Another form of congenital valve disease that affects the heart’s valve is called bicuspid an aortic valve disease. In this situation, the valve consists of just two cusps and not three. Indeed, this is a serious condition.

This sort of disease is quite common and people having such carry out their life with an aorta that is bigger as compared to the normal ones. As per statistics, only 2 percent of people are found to have this kind of disease.

  • With time, whenever an individual catches up with a valve disease then this is termed as acquired valve disease. However, such people earlier possessed a normal valve and the abnormal ones are just too recent. Many times, infection becomes the prime contributor of causing this kind of valve disease. Following that, as a result of stretching of certain papillary muscles as well as its tearing can end up with its formation. 

Cases are experienced where the main cause of getting an acquired valve disease remains a mystery. So, proper checkups are always recommended to avoid any kind of big problems in the future.

  • Adding on, the valve disease can be a result of rheumatic fever. Here, the victim experiences inflammation on the leaflets. At other times, the sticking of the leaflets can be seen along with rigidity.

Top Diagnosis Technique of Heart Valve Disease

Doctors usually suggest having certain physical examinations for the heart to carry out the diagnosis of the heart valve disease. In doing so, a certain sound is experienced that is the blood’s and it moves along with the stenotic valve. Numerous medical tests can be carried out to examine heart valve disease. These diagnosis techniques can be the following:

  • Whenever graph paper is used for taking down the electrical activity that is attached to a small electrode is called an electrocardiogram.
  • At certain times, when the movement of X-ray generates in the coronary arteries as well as heart chambers. This can be used as an injection for applying in the arm as well as a leg.
  • Cardiac Catherterization can be beneficial as well.

Top Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease

Multiple symptoms can lead to heart valve disease. The effective doctors of Wockhardt Hospital have mentioned some important symptoms of this disease. These are as follows:

  • Feeling weak or dizzy
  • Experiencing much irritation in the chest
  • Gaining much weight in less time
  • Facing difficulty to taking a breath

Generally, the symptoms can range from palpitations to ankle swelling and many more consequences.

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