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Heart Disease: Interesting facts and Risk factors

Heart disease comprises several conditions that can affect the health of the heart. It usually includes blood vessel diseases, heart valve diseases, heart infection, heart defects by birth, and many more. Besides this, there are some other heart diseases that one can experience in his later life. It can be due to the wrong pattern of diet and eating habits or excessive smoking. So, to keep yourself away from heart diseases, check out these

Interesting facts related to heart diseases:

  • Heart diseases are also known as coronary heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases. It includes several illnesses related to the heart and its vessels.
  • Heart disease is of several types such as heart infection, heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, hypertension, faster heart rate, etc.
  • Keep a check on your sugar level to keep yourself away from diabetes and as a result from heart diseases. Also, add a regular check of your blood pressure in your routine to live longer.
  • Women are more likely to suffer from heart diseases as compared to men.
  • Heart attacks occur when oxygen stops flowing to the heart. It gets blocked for some reason and the part of the heart lacking oxygen starts dying if the oxygen does not get restored in the required time.
  • Quitting smoking, alcohol consumption, maintaining body weight, controlling sugar levels adds several years to your lifespan.

Risk factors about heart diseases

Heart disease is related to our lifestyle. The simpler we live, the healthier we live. But all of us need to understand some common risk factors about heart disease to keep a check on them. Just have a look:

  • You must always try to eat healthy food such as fruits and green vegetables. A diet rich in saturated fats, bad cholesterol, and trans-fat is directly associated with heart diseases. Also, too much salt in the diet gives rise to high blood pressure issues. Besides this, intake of excessive sugar makes you suffer from diabetes and thus increases the chances of heart diseases.
  • Not involving in physical activities and spending the whole day sitting in one place can also lead to heart diseases. This is because the heart is a type of muscle that demands metabolism activity to strengthen itself. Lack of physical activities increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, etc. So, doctors suggest exercising daily to lower down the risks related to heart disease.
  • Consuming too much alcohol and excessive smoking can raise blood pressure levels and thus increases the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco increase the risk of damaging heart vessels while nicotine raises blood pressure. 
  • Genetic factors also play a crucial role in heart diseases as the individual who has a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure tends to have more risk of such problems. And since these problems are associated with heart-related problems, try to stay away from unhealthy lifestyle habits. 

There are various health conditions and lifestyle choices that affect your heart health. It also includes family history, eating habits, daily routine, etc. that can make you suffer from heart problems.

Thus try to adopt only a healthy lifestyle and if you have a family history of diabetes or heart disease, keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol completely. it is because it weakens your bones and digestive system and also has a great impact on your heart health.

Healthy food for heart health

You can add healthy food to your diet meals such as green vegetables, nuts, fruits, healthy drinks, sugar-free chocolates, etc. Moreover, try not to take much stress as when you are under stress, it impacts your daily routine, your lifestyles, your eating habits, etc. Thus, it can give rise to obesity and high blood pressure which impact the heart rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. 


If you truly want to live a healthy life, eat healthy, live simple, and enjoy your life. Exercise regularly, add yoga and meditation to your daily routine and keep yourself busy. It will not give any space to stress in your life and will also help you to quit smoking and drinking if you are habitual to it.

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