Bad Habits for the Heart

Top 10 Bad Habits that Can Affect Heart

As the heart holds a very special position in the body, maintaining healthy habits is very important for it. Practicing a great lifestyle and keeping a note of daily activities can be very effective in this regard. Top Cardiologists of India from Nanavati Hospital has addressed health issues and urged the common masses to give importance to their heart. According to them, not just medications but day-to-day activities largely impact the functioning of the heart.

Therefore, this article will make you understand the urgency of ignoring bad habits of heart and the need to alter them into good habits.

Importance of Heart in our Body

Generally, every human being feels the importance of heart each time. Our life depends on the well-functioning of the heart. If by chance, the heart stops beating, life ends then and there. Although several other body parts equally contribute to carrying out our body, the heart is given the topmost priority. On top of that, the power supply function is of the heart. Its responsibility is big as blood pumping is done by it.

So, having a cardiac arrest as well as a heart attack is considered a dangerous disease because the heart can’t work that smoothly at this time and people thus, can face death.

Main Bad Habits for the Heart

Usually, each person expects a life free from tensions and diseases. Unfortunately, they are the factors that visit an individual more often. Yes, cardiovascular diseases are too common these days. Although risky, their treatment can cost a hefty sum of money. Therefore, just applying a few good habits in your daily life can be beneficial in making the heart healthy. So, why not be aware of them?

Adding to that, the doctors of India’s best hospital, i.e. Nanavati Hospital jotted down a few points that are bad for the heart. This is as follows:

  • Ignorance to snoring can be risky. We feel much irritation whenever someone snores and that is quite natural. But, this is an indicator of a disease called obstructive sleep apnea. As breathing is followed in sleep for this condition, blood pressure gets disturbed in the process. This is followed by major heart disease and the victim gets trapped in the process.
  • Sticking to the bed as well as a sofa to watch TV can be harmful. This is so because the probability of heart attack as well as stroke increases at that time. Reports say that sitting for a maximum period along with little exercises can’t be of much help. So, less body movement can be a prime determinant in affecting the body’s sugar levels. Therefore, having small walks for 15 to 20 mins daily can be an effective way to bid goodbye to these diseases. 
  • The worst habit that can affect the heart to a large extent includes consuming excess alcohol. Researchers have ascertained that having alcohol in a limited manner can be beneficial. But as known, nothing should be taken excessively. So, intake of alcohol in an unlimited way can be destructive for your heart failure as well as other associated ailments.  Following that, an alcoholic person becomes overweight and thus catches up with heart disease. Having excessive weight can be a problem for cardiac patients. So, having foods without much sugar in it can be truly helpful for your health as replacing sugar can eliminate major heart risks fast. 
  • Having excessive weight can be a threat for being prone to heart diseases. have obesity in them. So, having foods without much sugar in it can be truly helpful for your health as replacing sugar can eliminate major heart risks fast. 
  • The best medicine for a healthy heart is a diet loaded with green leafy vegetables and fruits. Many health experts believe that eating nuts and protein based foods can have great impact on the heart. In the meantime, junk food can damage the heart way much. Therefore, sticking to vegetables and fruits can be amazing and ignoring unhealthy foods is another way out.
  • The worst habit that anyone can possess can be consuming salt in an abnormal way. Of course, salt is a prime medium for carrying out high blood pressure and other big diseases. Moving on, adults who are a salty snacker can be the victim of strokes and heart attacks. Therefore, sodium content must be taken into consideration before touching any food.
  • Another bad habit that can affect the heart is avoiding medicine intake. It is quite natural to forget about medicines but doing so, can have a serious impact over your heart and other body parts. As blood pressure damages you without showing any reactions, therefore having its medicine on a regular basis becomes mandatory.
  • Consuming red meat on a daily basis can kill you from inside. So, red meat suits perfectly for all occasions but not everyday life. As proven major cardiovascular diseases are born by having those meats as the intake of saturated fats in it are high. Therefore, limiting its consumption is always the best idea.
  • Biggest threat to our heart is the mind that tells us that, no risks arrive. Life taking diseases like heart attacks and other related ones occur without any prior symptoms mostly. So keeping a close check over the blood pressure and blood sugar level is the last thing that anyone can do.
  • Lastly, reaching out to people who behave strangely and look out for their symptoms can be a great deed always. Ignorance shouldn’t be the key. So, just a helping hand can eliminate major heart diseases and can keep your close ones healthy.

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