kidney infection symptoms

kidney infection symptoms: Causes and Treatment

Do you have doubts about the health of your kidneys? If you think you might have developed a kidney infection, you can read about kidney infection symptoms below to check your health. Let us start with its overview, symptoms, causes, treatments, home remedies, and prevention. 

What Is Meant By Kidney Infection?

It is known as pyelonephritis. It means that bacteria or viruses have caused problems in one or both of the kidneys. That’s the type of UTI (urinary tract infection). The function of the kidneys is to remove extra water and waste from the blood. Thus, kidneys are the part of the urinary tract that rejects urine from the body.

The urinary tract includes the kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Kidneys remove the waste from the blood and make urine, and ureters are thin tubes attached to each kidney and carry urine to the bladder that stores the urine and urethra, are tubes that carry the urine from the bladder to outside the body. 

If any part of the urinary tract vets germs, it can cause UTI. Most probably, the infection starts from the bladder. It can cause pain, but that’s not usually serious. However, when bacteria or viruses travel to the ureters, it can cause a kidney infection. If one can not treat these infections, Infections to the kidneys can be life-threatening. So, you have to know the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Infection To Kidneys:

Pus or blood in the kidneys, chills or fever, loss of appetite, paining groins, lower back or side, fatigue or weakness, vomiting, and upset stomach are the symptoms of infections in kidneys. 

Symptoms Of Bladder Infection:

Paining or burning when you pee, constantly urging to pee, even if the bladder is empty, bad-smelling or cloudy urine, pain in the lower belly, peeing more than usual are the symptoms of infections in the bladder. 

If you notice the above-discussed symptoms, you have to run to the doctors to get better again.

What Causes Infections In Kidneys?

These infections start with a bladder infection and spread to the kidneys. Most probably, bacteria are known as E.coli cause this infection, but other viruses and bacteria can also cause this infection. However, the situation is rare. But its Infections can get in through the skin, making their way to the blood, and travel to the kidneys. Some people may get infected after kidney surgery, but it’s even more unusual.

Treatment Of Infection In Kidneys:

Most probably, doctors prescribe antibiotics that you may have to take for one to two weeks. The symptoms will improve in a few days, but you have to complete the medicinal doses. If a person has a severe infection, he has to stay in the hospital and get antibiotics intravenously (IV). If anyone is suffering from frequent kidney infections, he might have developed a problem with the structure (of the urinary tract). And at that time, doctors send patients to specialists or urologists. Sometimes patients have to undergo surgery.

Home Remedies For Infections In Kidneys:

There are some things you can do at your home to feel better from infection. Here is what you can do. 

  • Increase the intake of fluids to flush out germs and take extra rest.
  • It is better to sit on the toilet instead of squatting over it. It helps the bladder to empty the urine. 
  • You can use a pain reliever with acetaminophen, but you can not use aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. They might increase the risks of kidney problems. You can use a heating pad on your side, belly, and back. 

Prevention Of Infections In Kidneys:

Generally, people can’t prevent bladder infections, but some people can do it if they follow the following.

  • Avoid using deodorant sprays and douches on your genitals.
  • Avoid using diaphragms and condoms with spermicides because it can trigger bacteria growth. Instead of it, you can use lubricated condoms because others can irritate the urethra and cause infection. 
  • Drink plenty of water, and go to the bathroom immediately after feeling to pee. 
  • You can pee after having sex and wipe front to back after peeing.

Final Thoughts:

If you have been noticing the kidney infection symptoms, you probably have started developing kidney infection. You must ensure no Infection. Or treat it if you have through the visit of a specialist to avoid further damages.

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