Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World

Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World

Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World. Are you unsure whether the supplements you bought are safe? You may be at risk of taking it if you have not heard of it. Do you evaluate which supplement companies to recommend to your clients as a personal trainer?

Adding cheap imitation supplements to your bodybuilding diet can hurt your progress, even if, you use high-quality supplements, like protein powder or multivitamins.

Several supplement companies have dominated the health and fitness industry in the last five years. Supplements can significantly increase overall gains when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

In the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness, here are the best supplement companies that have stood out:

Universal Nutrition ( –

Universal Nutrition has been in business for over 25 years, serving a large customer base with high-quality compounds and great value. Also, their product line numbers are in the hundreds.

Founded in 1980, this company has grown to become one of the biggest manufacturers in the world and encompassing R&D, manufacturing, and quality control.

Universal has its coveted Animal Cuts product, and all of its supplements are backed by a 100% refund guarantee.

CytoSport – Nutritional Supplement Brands

Greg Pickett, president/CEO of CytoSport, is a 30-year fitness industry veteran and an athlete who focuses on the needs of endurance athletes.

Dr. George Brooks, who created polylactic acid and provided significant input on CytoSport supplements, is CytoSport’s consulting scientist.

Several bodybuilders have experienced great success with CytoSport’s Cyto Gainer, which has proven to be an effective weight gain supplement.

Nutrex Research (

Jens Ingenohl and Jeff McCarrell founded Nutrex Research in 2002. They are not only talented but also an energetic team with years of experience in sports nutrition and bodybuilding.

As Nutrex has dedicated itself to meeting the needs of dedicated bodybuilders. One of its most successful products is Lipo-6x, which is widely acclaimed as a powerful fat burner.

ProSource Performance Products (

It was a much simpler company back in 1996 when ProSource entered the market.

A small distributor of supplements, it became one of the leaders of the creatine monohydrate supplement category with its ultra-pure German creatine monohydrate.

A simple marketing strategy drove ProSource: provide the best supplements at the lowest prices by eliminating intermediaries.

It enables customers to buy quality supplements at comparable prices to those found in retail chain stores and sometimes for a lower price.

ProSource occupied a prominent position among premium-grade supplement companies as a result.

A leader in low pricing and high quality, ProSource meticulously tested, examined, and researched everything sold under the ProSource brand.

MuscleTech (

The company’s Chief Science Officer, Marvin Heuer, MD, is a successful MD. He founded MuscleTech in 1995 and runs it as a privately owned company.

She is an expert on traditional fitness, heart and muscle physiology, and the science and study of muscle growth and performance. She has written over 40 scientific papers and authored various other publications over the past 30 years.

One of MuscleTech’s most successful supplements is Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro.

Optimum Nutrition (

This brand is known for its diverse product offerings, including protein powders, nutritional bars, ready-to-drink drinks, vitamins, and minerals.

Since 1983, Optimum Nutrition has specialized in providing sports nutrition products, like whey protein, at reasonable prices.

The best-selling whey protein is also one of the best in its category at Optimum Nutrition.

It also offers various other supplements, including BCAA Instant Powder, the Opti-Men and Opti-Women multiple nutrition supplements, the Creatine Ester Complex Vassive CE, and the Vassive NO Nitric Oxide Blend.

Conclusion – Top Nutritional Supplement Brands in the World

When consumers come back again and again to buy the products they offer, it is clear that they have built a solid reputation. All these supplement brands provide amazing products to the bodybuilding industry you should try these products.

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