woman get pregnant

How does a woman get pregnant?

The woman gets pregnant when she has physical contact with her partner. The pregnancy occurs when the egg gets fertilized by the sperm. This may also occur when a woman does not have sexual penetration. At the time of penetrative vaginal sex, when the penis enters the vagina, a liquid gets ejaculated called semen. In the liquid called semen, many sperms are present that can enter the vagina. Here you will see the main things that you must do for a frequent pregnancy. Or what to at the time of ovulation period.

Before ejaculation, the penis produces the pre-cum and contains several amounts of sperms. And after entering semen into the ovary, the eggs will start producing. And the ovary starts releasing the egg within 12-16 days.

After sex, the sperm will enter the body with the vagina, and then it travels to the cervix and then from the womb into fallopian tubes. This is the place where eggs get fertilized. Generally, the eggs get fertilized by the pre-ejaculate semen.

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Penetrative sex: woman get pregnant

A woman will also get pregnant without having any penetrative sex with her partner. It becomes possible when the sperm comes into contact with the vagina. It may be due to the ejaculation near your vagina. Or the partner’s penis comes in contact with the vulva or vagina.

In such a process, the chances of pregnancy are very low because the sperm stays for a very short period outside of the body. But there are chances that the women will get pregnant in this way.

If you are looking to be pregnant, you can also try frequent sex when you and your partner do sex continuously, like after 2-3 days.

Ovulation symptoms:

Some symptoms will show you that your body is performing an ovulation process. When there is a change in the cervical mucus or vaginal secretions, it is one of the ovulation symptoms. Before the ovulation process, there is an increase in wet, clear, and stretchy sections of the vagina. And after ovulation, the vaginal secretions will decrease, becoming thick or cloudy.

Your body temperature will also start changing. At the time of ovulation, the body’s temperature will start increasing. You can measure the temperature with the help of a thermometer. Every morning, you must look for your temperature. And after taking the temperature, note down all the temperature processes that were from past days.

Maximum fertility

For maximum fertility, you must have sex with your partner regularly. The chances of pregnancy will occur in the partners who do sex every day. You can also try sex at ovulation time. Or after the 2-3 days of your periods. And to get rid of ovulation disorders, you must maintain a normal weight. Because being under and overweight will lead you to the risk of ovulation disorders.

You don’t smoke during the ovulation period. And along with smoking, you also have to avoid many other things so that there will be more chances of maximum fertility. You can also consult with the doctors for pregnancy-related terms.

You can make an appointment with the doctors for irregular periods, miscourage, endometriosis, etc. The doctor will analyze your health and give you the right treatment for the disease.

Conclusion: how woman get pregnant?

Here you can see that pregnancy occurs when a woman has sex with her partner. The chances of pregnancy will also occur without having penetrative sex. This is due to many reasons, like the ejaculation of your partner’s penis near your vagina. Or the contact of your vagina with a penis. The egg gets more fertile at the time of ovulation.

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