Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey

Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey: Week By Week

Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey is a phase that every second women enjoy. This phase is divided into trimesters. This is what to expect during your pregnancy. Here’s a week-by-week guide to the 9-month journey from your last period to your baby’s birth.

Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey: First Trimester

Week 1

Your journey begins as you get your last period. This is the very first week of your journey of pregnancy. The baby might not have been conceived yet but the weeks are calculated from this week onwards. This week your body will start preparing its uterus for the baby. It will create wall linings that will feed the baby.

Tip: Women who are planning their pregnancy are advised to avoid alcohol. Eat healthily and talk to your doctor if you’re taking any prescription pills.

Week 2

Your baby will probably be conceived by the end of this week. Sperm and egg will meet and fertilization will take place. It is during fertilization that the gender of your baby will get determined. Gender is dependent on the sperm. If the sperm that fertilizes the egg carries an X chromosome, your baby will be a girl but if the sperm that fertilizes carries a Y chromosome your baby will be a boy.

Week 3

At the time of fertilization, your baby was a single cell but now it will start dividing, growing, and will start looking a little like a ball of cells. The ball of cells moves from the fallopian tube to the uterus to get attach. This attachment to the uterus wall is implantation.

Week 4

You might experience cramping and spotting. A pregnancy test might detect that you’re pregnant.

Week 5

Placenta formation. It is time to start paying attention to what you eat too as it might affect the baby.

Week 6

The baby’s brain and nervous system start developing. You might start experiencing common pregnancy symptoms – nausea, vomiting, tender breasts, and feeling tired.

Week 7

The umbilical cord will form by now. It will transport food, oxygen and get rid of waste by the baby.

Week 8

The baby’s genitals have started forming. Though not enough to determine gender.

Around this time most women start wondering if they are pregnant. It is a good time to schedule a prenatal visit.

Week 9

Your baby’s muscles have started developing and it might move, though it will take some time for you to feel it.

Week 10

Your baby’s vital organs have formed.

Week 11

Your baby can now be called a fetus. This is the time period your baby will start growing substantially.

Week 12

Your baby now is growing toenails. Also, your skin might seem radiant, due to the increased pregnancy hormone.

Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey: Second Trimester

Your second trimester has begun.

Week 13

The baby’s eyelids might have fused together to protect its eyes as they develop.

Week 14

The baby has started to grow hair. It might also start weighing around 45 grams. Its genitals have developed fully.

Week 15

Your baby is probably moving around a lot now.

Week 16

Your baby is around 110 grams now and developing facial muscles. The mother might have to go through a second-trimester test.

Week 17

Your baby is now around 140 grams and the placenta has grown a lot too to allow sufficient nutrients for the baby.

Week 18

Your baby’s ears are now in their position and it might be able to hear in a few weeks.

Week 19

You might be able to start feeling your baby’s movement now. These first movements are quickening.

Week 20

Your baby’s skin is thickening and it might weigh around 312 grams. If you haven’t had an ultrasound yet. It might be recommended by your health caretaker to have one.

Week 21

Bone marrow will start developing blood cells in your baby now.

Week 22

Your baby is now developing taste buds. You might start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions too, which are kind of like practicing for labor.

Week 23

You might experience trouble sleeping. Also, your baby might weigh around 450 grams now.

Week 24

As the ear is now develop your baby can now tell when it’s upside down.

Week 25

You will start to feel when your baby’s napping and when it’s alert.

Week 26

The Baby’s eyelashes might start growing and soon enough the baby will open its eyes too.

Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey: Third Trimester

Your third trimester has started.

Week 27

Your baby might start to recognize you and your partner’s voice.

Week 28

You might be told if your baby is in head first position or bottom-first position.

Week 29

Your baby may now start punching and kicking which will be breath-taking.

Week 30

Your baby weighs around 1400 grams now. It might even hiccup inside you.

Week 31

Your baby can and is able to pee now.

Week 32

Your baby is probably around 1800 grams now and is also shedding its hair.

Week 33

Your baby’s eyes can detect light now and pupils have started responding to light.

Week 34

Calcium intake should be kept high and your baby weighs around 2250 grams.

Week 35

Your baby is now stronger and it’s kicks and punches might hurt.

Week 36

Dilation begins.

Week 37

You will lose your mucus plug.

Week 38

You might have to pee a lot and you are also very close to your delivery time by now.

Week 39

Braxton Hicks contractions will be more frequent and powerful now.

Week 40

This is the week. Your baby is about to enter the world or has already entered it. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a hectic week.

Conclusion – Pregnant Women 9 Month Journey

It’s such an awesome feeling for any women to be pregnant. So this is the 9 months, week by week journey of a Pregnant Women.

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